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Legion was founded May 14th, 2007 as a family guild on the PVE server Shandris.  We hold honor, integrity, and loyalty to Legion and its members to a high standard.  Legion is a family guild that raids, meaning, we want to progress and clear content but not at the expense of friendships.

For we are not just another guild......

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Kurly taking an extended break

by Kurlly, 7 days ago

Effective today (7/21/2016) I have stepped down as Guild Leader and turned the Guild over to Josh.   My subscription expires tomorrow and I have no plan to renew it. 

This has been building for some time.  For the last several months that I raided (April and May) I was increasingly not looking forward to raid night.  When my three grandson's started summer baseball and I had to quit raiding, I found I did not miss it.

I was still logging on every morning.   Kurly would run a heroic for valor so I could get his gear fully upgraded and I had three toons still leveling followers, but basically I was just running Garrison missions to maximize gold production.

When the patch dropped Tuesday and my missions would no longer generate gold, I found that I no longer had a desire to log in.  In previous patches I anxiously read up on all the beta news and potential class changes so I could be well prepared.   With this patch I just had no desire to find out.

When I logged into my account and discovered that my 6 month sub was up in two days, I knew it was time.

I have enjoyed almost every minute I have spent in Legion and have made many good friends that I do not wish to lose track of, and have lost many friends who have quit playing and just disappeared.

I'm not saying never...  I purchased a Wow Token so I can easily pop back in sometime and check in on you.   Josh, you can go ahead and move my toons to inactive.   I would appreciate if they not be kicked, at least for awhile.    Yell if you need my help with anything.

Good luck everyone.  WE ARE LEGION!

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